Dan has coached leaders and teams on an international and national level, from family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies in markets ranging from construction, defense, manufacturing and retail.

In coaching, Dan blends his clinical background as a licensed psychologist, with his business experience as a managing partner of a psychological clinic. By applying fundamentally sound human and team principles in a business context, a foundation is created to understand how one’s previous behaviors may no longer be effective and possibly adversely affect performance on the individual or team level. That awareness enables one to alter counterproductive behaviors and/or reframe ineffective thinking.

The optimal level of success for coaching, Dan has observed, occurs when the leader is reflective, candid about what they do well and not well and is receptive to exploring alternate behaviors and thought processes.

Dan received his PhD in Educational and Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University and he has a Master’s in Business Administration from Oakland University. Dan has presented at regional, national, and international conferences on mental health issues, occupational stress, work injuries and rehabilitation and team dynamics.

Dan is a lifetime Michigander. He has a passion for aviation. Dan holds an Instrument Rating as a single engine pilot.

215 Mathews Street, Suite 200 Fort Collins, CO 80524