There are over 76,000 professional recruiting firms in the U.S. alone that typically charge between 15%-30% of the first year compensation of candidates that they find and you hire. Most large to medium sized companies have been down that road or are currently on that road. You hire candidates, you pay a hefty fee to the recruiting company and some new hires work out really well, but others don’t. In a black and white world, you simply cut your losses and move on. In the real world, most companies double down their efforts on questionable new hires in the hopes of making it work; ROI.

We can help. Utilizing our Job Fit IndexTM algorithm, we are able to highlight those candidates that have the highest percentage of fit to the jobs you’re seeking to fill. Whether you’re recruiting on your own, or have hired an outside recruiting firm, our tools can support both efforts by quickly differentiating between those who look and sound good from those who are most likely to excel.
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