During Mr. Juchnowski's 25+ years as a management consultant, he has worked with a range of organizations including family-run businesses to Fortune 500 companies. During his career, he has consulted with manufacturing, aerospace, financial, service-delivery and retail enterprises. His range of consulting skills includes assessments for all levels of organizations, identifying training needs, creating training programs and facilitating them. He has conducted validation studies, is experienced in conflict management, developed surveys, tests and questionnaires, undertaken employee coaching and provided career counseling.

Additional professional accomplishments for Mr. Juchnowski include teaching Psychology at the college level and authoring an award-wining book, Know Yourself, Coworkers and Your Organization. This book expands upon the personality theory of eminent vocational psychologist, John L. Holland. In his early, pre-consulting career, Mr. Juchnowski worked within the chemical industry manufacturing high temperature inorganic crystalline materials. He served as a lead person, supervisor and non-degreed chemist. Prior to earning a graduate degree in Consumer and Industrial Psychology, his studies focused on the sciences, primarily, chemistry.

Mr. Juchnowski is a member of the National Career Development Association and the United States Canoe Association. He has a keen interest in the outdoors including jogging, hiking, canoeing (former Ohio solo canoe champion), whitewater rafting, swimming, snorkeling and cross-country skiing as well as travel.

215 Mathews Street, Suite 200 Fort Collins, CO 80524