Sue’s interest in the intersection of people and business is rooted in her innate desire to help people be successful and satisfied as well as her early formative experience witnessing and participating in her family’s business.

In her leadership coaching work with clients, she draws on more than twenty years of hands-on business experience in a variety of leadership roles including finance, human resources and project leadership, as well as formal study in all aspects of business management, organizational development, and human behavior. As a coach, she is skillful listener, rigorous thinker, and full partner to clients in their pursuit of their next level of results. She has coached executives and business leaders in high tech, finance, architecture, education, manufacturing and construction management.

Sue earned an M.S. in Organizational Development from Loyola University in Chicago. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Massachusetts in Finance and Economics. Sue enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, running, biking, kayaking and any time spent outdoors.

215 Mathews Street, Suite 200 Fort Collins, CO 80524