Specializing in executive coaching and accountability, Trevor’s research and executive-level leadership experiences have taught him that for a leader to be successful, they must hold themselves and others accountable, retain and attract the right staff, and engage their team.

His coaching is rooted in Emotional Intelligence and changing his client’s awareness of how they and their behavior are seen by others. Through active listening and by asking powerful, agitating, and sometimes raw questions, he energizes his clients to get out of their comfort zones and gives them the space and focus they need to adapt and thrive. With his coaching, Trevor’s clients make personal behavior changes that improve how they show up at work and drive productive results for their organization.

Trevor holds an Honors Bachelor of Business and is certified as a manufacturing leadership coach with the Center for Executive Coaching. He also holds a Professional Coaching Certification with the ICF and is certified and active as a Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

A Canadian who now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, he enjoys travelling, sports, working out, and visiting local eateries.

215 Mathews Street, Suite 200 Fort Collins, CO 80524